Visual Arts League of Allen
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Artist Opportunities

Teach a Workshop of Your Choice

Are you an artist who would love to share your craft with other artists? Would you like to teach a workshop for VALA? We would love to have you! Please email us at and let us know!

Pop Up Shop

The Blue House Too Gallery in Watter's Creek in Allen is in search for Artisans to display their wares in a monthly/bi-monthly pop up shop within the Gallery. If you have small art items, jewelry, textiles, pottery, etc and you are interested in creating a pop-up shop please contact the gallery directly. 

Blue House Too Artspace
934 Watters Creek Blvd.

Manager: Oddrun Mahaffey

Joe Farmer

The City of Allen Joe Farmer Recreation Center is looking for an artist to conduct a one hour simple art class for individuals with disabilities such as  Down's Syndrome and Autism.

Here is the basic info on the class:

Title: Arts Galore
Promo: Come have fun and socialize with peers while creating all sorts of crafts. 
No prior experience needed. Just bring yourself and be prepared to have some fun!
Price: $20
Time: Tuesdays at 5:30-6:30PM
Min: 3 people Max:10 people

Artist will need to sign a contract with the City of Allen to provide this class at a 70/30 split. The charge for the class can but increased but they don't want to charge too much as these individuals do not have a lot of money. 
Caregivers or guardians will be asked to stay and assist with the art class if needed. The class would be as simple as painting a pot or using water colors or sketching out some pictures of animals. They would like the class to be held once a week for one hour each. 

Below is the contact information for the person heading up this program. 

Ryan Patterson | Recreation Specialist II
City of Allen | Parks & Recreation Department
214.509.4753 |

Please let me know if you have any questions or require additional info. Thank you for your consideration.  ~Synne Magar Ferguson